Here at Max
ies Babies, we have adorable Toy and Teacup size
Yorkshire Terrier puppies available that are ready to become that
special part of you and your family's lives. We home raise our
Yorkie puppies, and have been breeding top quality Yorkies since
1973. We breed for temperament, size, breed conformation, and
above all, for the health and longevity for all of our Yorkie babies
that we raise. Whether you are looking for that tiny little Yorkie to
travel the  world  with  you, or the more commonly known toy size
Yorkie that your kids can grow up with, we have all sizes available
to fit your lifestyle and bring you years of unconditional affection
and love that Yorkies are so well known for. All our puppies come
with 5 year veterinarian plans, as well as a written heath guarantee.

A puppy starter kit and puppy care instructions that we have
compiled over the years that will ensure your new puppy will make
the transition into your home is an easy one. All vaccinations are
up to date, and they have already started their paper training.
Many people have concerns when they first bring a new puppy
home, and we encourage customers to call us if they have any
questions about their little ones, or if they need training advice, we
are here for you 7 days a week.

Thanks for visiting our website, and we hope that you will co
Babies for your new puppy. If you have any questions
please call us at 718-259-2295.
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